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Choosing the colors of your clothes according to your skin tone. You can also put these with a more earth toned color the colors that have been mixed with grey like olive green. I would like to be creative and be an effective employee. These colors are highly contrasting and look very bold if put together.

(check out the Clothing coordinates for Men for ideas of what your man can wear to your portrait session.) This board is filled with color coordinations that I absolutely love, but also serves as a color inspiration for Women when choosing
Co-ordinates Get twice the style in one outfit with a sassy coordinate set. Co-ords work together seamlessly to make getting dressed easy - wear them together or mix and match, the choice is yours.
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Co-ordinates Get twice the style in one outfit with a sassy coordinate set. Co-ords work together seamlessly to make getting dressed easy - wear them together or mix and match, the choice is yours.
Analog colors

Co-ordinates Get twice the style in one outfit with a sassy coordinate set. Co-ords work together seamlessly to make getting dressed easy - wear them together or mix and match, the choice is yours.

Wearing color can be something anyone can do with a little effort and time put into it. The complete guide to mixing patterns and prints. Choose the colors of your clothes like a pro! Choosing the colors of your clothes according to your skin tone. Discovering what colors to wear according to your natural features.

Choosing the best color of clothes for dark skin tones. Color combinations that work for any skin tone, hair and eye color. How to match your tie and shirt.

How do you like to coordinate the colors of your clothes? Which scheme do you like to apply? Share your feedback, questions or thoughts in the comments below! I absolutely love this article! Thank you for the comment! Primary in this article refers to the color you will be using most. Red and blue are primary colors in that sense, but they are also highly contrasting colors, since they lie on opposite sides on the spectrum.

Red is complementary to green indeed, but you can also match it to blue, as the contrast will also be big but not as big as it would be with green. I was searching frantically for a blog post that just breaks it down when I was redirected to your site.

I have learnt so much. Thanks for this post. We are glad you enjoyed it and made use of it! Always love reading posts about this topic! It was so interesting… This post was really great and you did such a great work! I should start using the color wheel:.

Extremely helpful and informative. It is often difficult to tell which colors will pair well when experimenting with drastically different shades. We are glad you liked the post! Mixing shades can be tricky, but if you know which color goes with which, there are fewer chances to go wrong. With a trouser-shirt-jacket outfit, what should be the primary-complementary colour? Thank you for the appreciation and for the feedback. When it comes to trousers-shirt-jacket combinations, the same rules apply.

You can use these combinations for any kind of outfits. Also, you can opt for each of the main pieces to have a strong color or for just some to have bright colors and to keep the others neutral. The thing you should always remember is that the brightest color will be the one that draws attention most. For more on the color theory, read this article: Your shoes should be part of color combination, as well as your other accessories.

When you are creating a color scheme, make sure you include your shoes, your necklaces, bracelets, watch and everything else in it. If you choose your shoes to be the pop of color to your outfit, you can be sure that they will attract attention.

For example, Shades are not the opposite of color. They are opposites of tints. Also, your color wheel is very misleading in your example of a Triad Color Scheme.

Having said that, I think overall your site is very helpful and breaks down color planning in fashion in an easily understandable way. Sorry for the mistake! I love this color blog page. I shall keep checking in. Wonderfully easy to follow and less complicated jargon.

Man I love your website, been search for a website like this for a long time!!! Perfect sound tracks too!! I hAve a question: This means that the square should contain any of the 3 colors? Nevertheless, a great article. When it comes to wearing both a tie and a pocket square, it is advised that these two differ very much, both in terms of color and fabric. The reason behind this is that a pocket square should compliment a tie — there is no point in wearing the same thing twice.

To learn more about wearing ties and pocket squares, read this article: Basically, you should wear three colors, patterns or prints, but you can match these to any and as many other neutrals. In fashion neutrals are colors that go with any other color and with each other. These are black, white, gray, khaki, tan, ivory, beige, dark blue, etc. So, basically, you can wear for example a gray suit neutral , with a pink shirt color 1 , a light blue tie color 2 and a yellow pocket square color 3.

Of course, then your shoes, belt and socks would be black or brown, which are neutrals. The three colors you wear can be on any of the pieces. How about a white tie? Thanks for the above reply. If you have a turquoise suit, a white shirt and yellow-orange tie, you can get a purple square, but you can also get a pink one — this could be a very good choice think split-complementary color scheme.

We would not recommend mixing up color schemes. If you are choosing three colors create a three-color color scheme, if you only choose two, create a two-color color scheme. A white tie works as well in terms of color, because white is a neutral, but we would skip it in this case. White ties are usually suited for dressy occasions and on a dressy occasion you should not wear a turquoise suit the shade of the suit depends too: As a further tip, if you want a very elegant and subtle look, you can replicate one of the colors, but in a different shade.

For example, if you have a yellow-orange tie, you can wear a shirt that is light peach. My sincere apologies, i meant to say a white square, even though i read that it should be used mostly in business meetings.

I am asking because i will attend to a end of faculty banquet, where the dress code should be elegant, but not sober. Btw my suit has a slightly darker blueish tone, not actually turquoise and i think it will work. Thanks again for the reply.

Thank you for the comment. A pocket square that features the other colors you are wearing should look good on such an outfit. We would rather go for the colorful pocket square than for a white one, if you are going for a colorful look, you should keep it that way!

This totally clarified my question, thanks alot. It was very kind of you to answer my questions and i will glady show you the outcome. Have a nice day. If you need specialized style advice, you can write an e-mail at office attireclub. This combination might work, but you should make sure you use clearly defined shades, otherwise they might blend and it will not be a very god look. I saw this very nice melon coloured skirt.

What colors could I wear this skirt with? We have covered this subject in our article: Should You Match your Date? In short, you can choose to match your partner or not. If you choose to, you can go for a deep brown for example, and if not, you can go for anything else. Asante sana kwa somo lako zuri la rangi. Nimekua nikijifunza ubunifu wa mavazi nadhan nimeongeza ujuzi mkubwa sana.. In English Thank you very much for the Color leason.

I would like to be creative and be an effective employee. Thus, I can go ahead in my career. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. When you're coordinating clothes you'll need to see how different tints, tones, and shades work with one another.

Avoid complementary colors as much as possible. These are the colors that emphasize one another and are opposites on the color wheel say for example, orange and blue. Don't let the name fool you, these colors are complementary to one another and that doesn't mean that they'll be complementary to you! A good way to use complementary colors to good effect is to pair 1 complementary color with a paler tint of its opposite color. For example, pairing a royal blue dress with a pale gold shawl and shoes.

These are the colors that are right next to one another on the color wheel, like green and yellow or red and orange. Because they are close to one another they appear easy on the eyes when paired together. An example of using analogous colors to good effect might be a scarlet red dress with gold jewelry and pink shoes. Try to avoid putting no more than 3 analogous colors in one outfit. To use the above example you've already got 3 analogous colors pink, red, gold , so you wouldn't want to go overboard and add in orange too or purple.

Primary colors if you can think back to your basic schooling years are red, blue, and yellow. These are hard to pair together unless you're really brave, although they can look great when done right. Primary colors are great, though, for the monochrome look, which means that you use only one color. To alleviate all that blue you might add in red or bright purple scarf. An example of a good use of primary colors together would be to use it in conjunction with multiple neutral colors.

So you might pair red chunky heels with blue skinny jeans and yellow jewelry, while breaking up the colors with a black jacket and grey top. Don't mix certain colors together. Some colors simply were not meant to be mixed and yet people still make the mistake of pairing them together. Avoiding these fashion faux pas will help you better coordinate your outfits. Black may go with everything, but there are two colors it does not go well with.

Don't pair it with navy blue. They are too close, but not quite to look good together. The other is brown. Don't pair black with brown unless you're really really certain. White and cream also do not go together, because it makes it look as though you were trying to match your colors and failed cream and brown, however, go together very well. Brown and grey don't go well together, either.

They are both too neutral and more or less colorless to enhance one another. Use neutral colors in your outfits. This is one of the most important pieces of advice for creating well coordinated outfits.

The neutral colors will enhance your chosen colors and will make them look better coordinated and not overdone. Pair a grey skirt with a dark purple top and pale gold scarf, or a pair of grey slacks with a white shirt, a blue blazer and a red tie.

Remember that a fitted white shirt is the perfect complement to most outfits and it can be dressed up with a pair of black slacks and a tie or dressed down with a sweater or blazer and a scarf. Avoid colored trousers, unless you pair them with a neutral top like red skinny jeans with grey sweater.

Usually, however, colored trousers can overwhelm an ensemble and take the focus. Use the value scale of color. This basically means that each color has a variety of values, making it darker shades or lighter tints or more subdued tones. When you're pairing things you usually want to to try to pair different values of your chosen colors.

For example you might pair a goldenrod tie with a pale blue shirt and grey or black slacks. The goldenrod is a darker value of color than the pale blue shirt one is more pastel, the other is more bright.

This will help you determine the gradations of the values so that you put the appropriate values together darker with lighter for example. While pastel colors with pastel colors tends to look a little sugary, you can make a bold statement with bright colors paired with bright colors.

Take the above example of the goldenrod tie and pale blue shirt. Instead of the pale blue you might choose maroon to go with the goldenrod tie, which is more intense than the pale blue. You need to play with colors to find out from personal experience that you might not want to wear that bright yellow scarf with your bright blue shirt. Instead of bright yellow you might tone it down to a more buttery shade or darken it to goldenrod. Use colors with neutrals. When you're coordinating your outfits you'll want to make sure that you put neutrals together with your colors, so that you don't go overboard.

Remember, the neutrals are there to enhance your colors. Do 1 color and 1 neutral. For example you might pair a bright red blouse with a black skirt and red flats. Or you might pair your jeans with a white top and a blue scarf. You could do 1 color and 2 neutrals. For example you could pair an orange dress with a white and black sweater and black converse and white earrings.

Or you could pair brown trousers with a cream sweater and a golden scarf. If you get braver you could try 2 colors and 1 neutral.

You would want to pick two analogous colors if you aren't sure about your coordinating abilities. So for example you might do a red blazer over a white dress with orange shoes and bag. Or you could do black trousers, a dark blue sweater, and a maroon scarf. If you're feeling unsure you could stick to using warm neutrals like brown and cream which go very well together and make you look elegant. You can also put these with a more earth toned color the colors that have been mixed with grey like olive green.

Use patterns with neutrals and plain colors. Patterns can be really hard to coordinate, so you'll want to make sure that you don't overdo it with your patterns or you don't overshadow the pattern with the rest of your outfit.

Try doing 1 pattern with 1 or 2 plain neutrals. For example you might pair a striped purple and black knit tunic with black leggings and grey boots. You could also pair a flannel shirt with brown corduroy trousers and a white undershirt.

You could also try putting 1 pattern with 1 plain color from within the pattern.

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